Feature film script, in development.


When 13-year-old Blair moves to the Scottish island of Jura with her parents, all she wants is to get back to the city where she grew up in time for the new school year. Since her parents won’t hear of giving up their dream, Blair makes a deal with a fey woman: to perform three tasks in exchange for a wish. 



- Semi-finalist: Joplin Award, BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2016

- Semi-finalist, top 50: Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2016


Short film script.

An encounter with an ill-equipped but enthusiastic explorer reminds an ecologist that the natural world is her passion, not just her job. 



Short film. 10.06.


In the wake of a personal tragedy a young woman retreats to an empty mountain village – only to find that she is not alone. 

In this unsettling ghost story the expansive landscape is as much a character as the two women who explore it.


Written & directed by Alex Mullarky

Produced by Katherine MacKeith

World premiere at the Women Media Arts & Film Festival, Sydney 1-2 October 2016