In the ruins of an old church in a remote corner of West Cumbria, four teenagers meet up to drink, mess about and talk about the future. Avery plans to be an artist, Laurie needs a job, Adam hopes to join the army and Chris just wants things to stay the way they are. Then two things happen which change their world.


Production Dates

Toured with the Theatre Factory's Apprenticed Actors Company, 29th March – 7th April 2011. 

Venues included Bolton Octagon, Live Theatre Newcastle and Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.


Hollows toured again 27th June – 5th July 2012, travelling to rural venues around the north of England.


Directed by Rachel Ashton. 

Photos courtesy of the Ashton Group.



New Lines Playwriting Competition - Winner 2011



Production photos courtesy of the Ashton Group